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From J.R.R. Tolkien to J.K. Rowling, even skilled writers know that revision is a huge part of the writing process. The first draft is almost always in need of major changes, but through the editing process it is shaped into a stronger piece of writing. A professional editor can give guidance as you revise and will provide an objective view of your writing. My goal is to help you polish your writing so that you can clearly and effectively communicate what you are trying to say. In addition, I hope your work with me will help you continue to grow as a writer. 

types of editing

Developmental editing is often helpful early in the writing and revising process. It includes a full review of the manuscript and feedback related to characters, organization, plot, chronology, narrative pace, and other “big picture” aspects of writing.

Line editing is most helpful when the basic structure of a manuscript has been determined but the details are still being worked out. It includes a review for flow, sentence structure, transitions, tone, clarity, and other issues.

Copy editing is often the final review of a manuscript. It includes an examination of grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, formatting, and other “nuts and bolts” issues.